2 Tier Wedding Cakes

2 tier wedding cakes known as the inexpensive version of luxurious wedding cakes. If you intend to have elegant and luxurious wedding cakes but feel reluctant to spend money more for the expensive wedding cakes, you can choose 2 tier wedding cakes as your alternative. If you set your wedding cakes in 2 tiers, you will not only add the luxurious sense for your wedding cakes, but also put festive, expensive, catchy and attractive. You don’t have to spend more of your budget for 3 or four tiers wedding cake to attract your guest’s attention; 2 tiers is enough, you only have to set special decorations and theme to realize it.

2 Tier Wedding Cakes Square

2 Tier Wedding Cakes with Roses

Like many other wedding cakes, 2 tier wedding cakes can be set with various types of themes. Or you can make super cool topper that will make your wedding cake looks like to have one more tier above. Martha Stewart made some of beautiful wedding cakes that you can choose to be your chosen 2 tier wedding cakes, all of them look unusual and special that can make your wedding party feel more festive yet beautiful.

2 Tier Wedding Cakes

2 Tier Wedding Cakes Pictures

The first chosen 2 tier wedding cake is the famous Martha Stewart white rose wedding cake. One thing that makes this rose wedding cake different than other is edible sugar rose petal that look real and can create gently echo shape to the whole cake. These roses attached to the cake such way that make your cake look like a bunch of white roses rather than a cake. The second most favorite idea is the mini rose’s cup cakes wedding. You can make miniature of 2 tier wedding cakes with one soft pink rose on each cake and two rows of silver pearls tied on one of layer.

2 Tier Wedding Cakes Buttercream

2 Tier Wedding Cakes Black White

2 tier wedding cakes can be chosen as good alternative to make your wedding party look more festive.