25th Wedding Anniversary Cakes

25th wedding anniversary cakes usually appear a lot simpler than wedding cakes. Usually the older the age of anniversary, the simpler the cake might be. In the past, any wedding anniversary cake was designed to be very simple and elegant. It usually takes a form as a single tier square or round cake and is decorated simply with fondant flowers, ribbons, and a happy anniversary greeting. The most popularly chosen colors are usually either white, silver, grey, pink or bright red.

25th Wedding Anniversary Cakes Ideas

Nowadays, 25th wedding anniversary cakes are designed to look more attractive and modern. Today, 25th wedding anniversary cakes can also have the same glamour and beautiful look like every other wedding cake. You can make a three tiered round cake decorated with silver ribbon. You can also use a topper with the number “25” to signify the celebration.

Other ideas for a romantic wedding anniversary cake is to make a two tiered of wedding cake in soft pastel colors. To make it look more romantic, add ribbons and roses on each layer.

25th Wedding Anniversary Cakes

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