25th Wedding Anniversary Cakes

25th wedding anniversary cakes usually appear a lot simpler than wedding cakes, even though chance to make it the same glamour and attractive as wedding cakes is also quite well. Usually the older the age of anniversary, the simpler the cake might be. In the past any wedding anniversary designed very simple and only show the elegant look to appreciate the older people. It usually takes a form as simple one tier square or round cake and decorates simply with fondant flowers, ribbons, and happy anniversary greeting. The color usually chooses the most natural color schemes; white, silver, grey, pink or bright red.

25th Wedding Anniversary Cakes Ideas

Nowadays, 25th wedding anniversary cakes designed to look more attractive and modern. Today 25th wedding anniversary can also have the same glamour and beautiful look like the wedding cakes can show. You can make three tier of round cake, decorate with silver ribbon tied every layer of the cake. And as the topper, you can set a small bouquet of flowers and the number figure 25. Other idea for romantic wedding anniversary cake is by make two tiered of wedding cake, combine the pastel blue and soft pink. Add more detail on one of the layer and let another one look plain and soft. To get more romantic, add ribbons and roses on the layer, and don’t forget to add the number figures as the topper.

25th Wedding Anniversary Cakes

25th Wedding Anniversary Cakes Toppers

Creating the 25th wedding anniversary cakes that is taking a shape as the number – 25 can be other good alternatives. In this case, you don’t have to add any number figures because the cake shapes already show the shape perfectly.  You can add small white flowers as the additional decoration on top of the cake.

25th Wedding Anniversary Cakes Pictures

25th Wedding Anniversary Cakes Design

Get more ideas for your 25th wedding anniversary cakes and make your celebration more meaningful with beautiful dessert.