Bird Cage Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes design ideas that we have here is a bird cage wedding cakes. These wedding cakes, like the title says, are about bird cage on your wedding cakes as a decoration. The bird cage decoration can lived up your wedding cakes and make it more presentable as your wedding cakes. The bird cages can be in 3D shape, real one as your top tier decoration or as the wedding cakes shape itself. Like other past wedding cakes design that we have write, you can search for its design on the internet. From the internet you can get infinite source of bird cage wedding cakes ideas. Other than that you can always ask for the wedding cake consultant or shopkeeper about their design.

Birdcage Wedding Cakes 2012

So what is about bird cage wedding cakes in general? Like I’ve said before, the bird cage can be put as the top tier decoration. Of course you are not going to use the real one; you’re going to use the replica or miniature shape of it for decoration purpose. You can choose to put the fake bird in it or not. Either way is good, but better you follow your likes and preferences. For the bird cage as the wedding cake shape, you can found some pictures at the internet about it. The top level or tier of the cake is usually shaped in dome. The rest of the tier below is in usual shape. Usually the cake decorator put some icing that looked like railing on it. That creates bird cage effect on the wedding cakes more realistic.

Vintage Birdcage Wedding Cake

Like other wedding cakes, you can choose your own cakes color and design as you prefer. Combining it with ribbon, flower, or other icing may as well can be done. So, what do you think about this design as your wedding cake design?

Bird Cage Wedding Cakes

Birdcage Wedding Cake Topper

Bird cage wedding cake are using bird cage theme for wedding cake decoration. The bird cages that can be used are the miniature one for top tier decoration. Fake birds can be put in it to make the bird cage look realistic. Other than that the bride and groom can choose to shapes their wedding cake in bird cage shape. Usually the top cakes are shaped in dome, resembles the dome of bird cage. The icing helps make the railing shapes around the bird cage wedding cakes.