Valentine’s Cake

A cake to celebrate valentine’s day is fun, cute, and full of love! These cakes can by dyed pink, or can be kept as a regular white cake. The most common valentine’s day cake are heart shaped with heart decorations and a color theme of pink, red, and white.

While having such a common design can be comforting, many celebrants prefer to have a more unique cake on their birthday. By finding unique cake ideas or sample cake pictures you can turn a boring valentine’s day cake into something special and memorable.

Unique Birthday Cake on Valentine Day

Heart Cake

A standard heart cake is the mainstay of birthday cakes on valentine’s day. Unfortunately, since the cake is so common, few people are surprised by a plain heart cake. One way to make a valentine’s day birthday cake more interesting is to make a homemade cake. Cover the cake with the pink and white buttercream. Put decorations like sprinkles or write something out in frosting. Adding a personal touch is definitely unique!

A cake for kids can be made for valentine’s day, too! Children will love either chocolate or vanilla cake, so pick one!

Birthday Cake on Valentine Day Ideas

Birthday Cake on Valentine Day

Heart Birthday Cake on Valentine Day