Bling Wedding Cakes

Bling wedding cakes look interesting because of its sparkling decorations. You can choose over two options of main accessories to create attractive bling wedding cakes; the silver stuff or all golden things; the combination of both colors will also generate the amazing creation of wedding cakes, but you should have to make sure you put the right and suitable proportion and amount of accessories. The most common color of the cake when you choose to add bling accessories is white and light blue or pastel blue, the extreme color would be any darker color like dark blue and black. Make sure the basic color chose is any natural color that is easy to combine with.

Purple Bling Wedding Cakes

White Bling Wedding Cakes

Most of bling wedding cakes designed very simple and showing elegance more than festive or the sparkling itself. The most common decoration found in bling wedding cakes is the multitier cakes decorated with ribbon tied every layer of the cake. The cake however, covered with pearl color-fondant. The ribbon tied the cake are also decorated with crystal or pearl to add more light and sparkle. Other way, choose the darker color for the ribbon; it can be dark grey, black, green, or red. Decorate the cake with a series of crystal that is arranged so that it will appear as twigs of snowflakes or icicle. And how about the topper uses to decorate the bling wedding cakes?  The choices are quite various; the initial letter of the spouse, feathers, or another bouquet of crystal and pearls. The most suitable theme to apply the bling wedding cakes is the when you celebrate your wedding on winter; it can appear as the most elegant and breathtaking winter wedding cakes.

Square Bling Wedding Cakes

Pink Bling Wedding Cakes

Bling Wedding Cakes

The detail and accessories use to decorate the wedding cakes is sometimes far more important than the cake itself. You need to be a little picky in choosing the accessories to decorate bling wedding cakes.