Creative Wedding Cake 2013 Ideas

Creative couples need a creative wedding cake. For those who can’t come up with a unique idea, here are some you might like!

Creative Wedding Cake ordinary

Do you want to create your creative wedding cake? The easiest way to make an ordinary wedding cake is by putting cake toppers. With toppers like figurines, flowers, etc, you can create a theme to your cake. For example, do you and your partner enjoy video games? You can create a video game themed cake!

Creative Wedding Cake ideas

There are some examples of creative wedding cakes which should be appreciated for the amount of time it took the baker to make. For example, below you can see a cake modeled after the bride herself. What cake could be more unique and different than a cake modeled after the bride?

Unique Creative Wedding Cake

Creative Wedding Cake with Flowers

Creative Wedding Cake

Elegant Creative Wedding Cake