Cupcake Decorating Ideas for 21st Birthday

Birthday cake is too big for your 21st birthday, and then you can replace it with cupcake decorating ideas for your 21st birthday. You can choose for the decoration theme, like your hobby, your favorite stuffs, your collection, or your goal and ambition. Just choose the suitable one for your birthday theme as well. You can also try to make it by yourself; you can find the recipes in the internet then for the decoration, you can continue reading this article till you find your idea.

For your 21st cupcake decorating ideas, you can try to obtain the recipes first. Then you can try to find the perfect formula for the whip cream, fondant, chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, and the colors that you want to obtain in your 21st birthday easy cupcake decorating ideas. Remember that your 21st birthday cupcake will be really beautiful but still simple in a mature decoration. If you have an ambition for being a doctor, you can try to shape the fondant like a stethoscope to trim the cupcake as well.

21st birthday cupcake decorating ideas: Simplicity is the New Beauty

No need to give the detail decoration for your 21st birthday cupcake decorating ideas. Remember that your age is no longer a teenager and you need to change your “cute” things into the things that more mature like simplicity. You can try to trim your birthday cupcake with the soft colors of whip cream and pour some chocolate sprinkles or chocolate chips. Make it ten or less, and then your 21st birthday cupcakes are ready to serve to your family and friends.

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21st birthday cupcake decorating ideas: Words Arrangement

Then you can also obtain the simple things like words arrangement in your 21st birthday cupcake decorating ideas. For example, if you want to make a “Happy Birthday” sentence in your cupcakes, so just make it one cupcake for one letter. Then for the “Happy Birthday” sentence you need thirteen cupcakes to obtain it. Of course you will need fondant to decorate your words arrangement here. You can try to use your favorite colors and trim your 21th birthday cupcake decorating ideas as well.