Decorating Wedding Cakes

Decorating wedding cakes always sounds fun and interesting. If you ever took a look at well decorated wedding cakes, you might wonder how to make such a beautiful cake. Decorating wedding cakes do require special skill so it is recommended that you take classes on how to do so.

Decorating Wedding Cakes with Buttercream

Decorating Wedding Cakes

The first rule before you start decorating wedding cakes is to wait for the wedding cake to cool. You need to wait for the cake to cool or else any frosting you might put on will simply melt off.

Decorating Wedding Cakes with Fresh Flowers

The second step of decorating wedding cakes is filling the cake. Cut the cake horizontally slowly using the serrated knife. You can cut it into two or three equal layers depend on the cake thickness. You should then start to fill the cake from the largest tier.

Decorating Wedding Cakes with Flowers

The last step is making the fondant and the icing. You can choose to decorate your wedding cake using various accessories. It can be fresh fruits, sugar cane, fondant, fresh flowers, and so on.

Decorating Wedding Cakes Ideas