Extravagant Wedding Cakes

Extravagant wedding cakes can be easily characterized by its size. Traditional wedding cakes consist of two or three tiered cakes, but extravagant ones will probably exceed that number of tiers.

Extravagant Wedding Cakes Ideas

Besides its size, extravagant wedding cakes also can be characterized through its unique shapes. You can think about having giant musical notes around the cake, or you can think about having a giant castle with a few towers on it. Don’t forget to add intricate detail on every tower you make.

Most Extravagant Wedding Cakes

If you are bored with the look of a white wedding cake and want to make your extravagant wedding cake look even more catchier, you can get a full color wedding cake. Along with the colored cake you can add various accessories of different colors as long as they match.

Extravagant Wedding Cakes

Extravagant Wedding Cakes Pictures