Extravagant Wedding Cakes

Extravagant wedding cakes can be easily characterized through it size. Extravagant itself refer to the unusually amazing object, at first it usually attract the eye by it size, the bigger the size of the wedding cake, the more attractive it can catch people attention the better extravagant wedding cakes appear. Usual wedding cake consist of two or three tiered of round of square wedding cakes, extravagant will probably require for five tiered wedding cakes minimum, it doesn’t yet include the extravagant design, luxurious accessories, sometimes appear as amazing huge shaped of wedding cake with spectacular details. This type of wedding cakes is suitable for those who has higher budget and invite more than 100 guests at their wedding party.

Extravagant Wedding Cakes Ideas

Besides its size, extravagant wedding cakes also can be characterized through its unique shapes. You can think about having giant musical notes with many key G around the cakes, black and white color scheme will complete the whole design of your wedding cakes. Other idea is by having giant castle with few towers on it. Don’t forget to add intricate detail on every tower you made, put small flag on the top of the towers and the bride and groom character as the toppers. All white wedding cake with small silver and soft pink details will add more beauty to your extravagant wedding cakes.

Most Extravagant Wedding Cakes

If you are bored with white wedding cake and intend to make your extravagant wedding cakes look catchier with its color scheme and creamy look, you can set for full color wedding cake. You can set for the light blue wedding cake with gold details and accessories, or more festive wedding cake by colored it with gerbera colors; orange, yellow, red, gold, dark brown, and olive green with dead leafs, pumpkins, and some autumn flowers; this type of wedding cake suitable for autumn wedding party.

Extravagant Wedding Cakes

Extravagant Wedding Cakes Pictures

Extravagant wedding cakes will easily characterize mostly through its size, color scheme, and unique shapes.