Fake Wedding Cakes

Fake Wedding Cakes – A towering, multi-tiered wedding cake is frequently the focus of the wedding reception. However, if you are planning a smaller, more intimate event, it can appear ostentatious to use an enormous cake designed for a much larger wedding. Fake wedding cakes can serve a critical purpose for many weddings by allowing couples to display a beautiful cake without having to incur the expense of preparing a large, real cake.

Fake Wedding Cakes for Display

Increasingly more weddings are utilizing fake cakes as a temporary wedding showpiece and then serving separate slices of sheet cake to guests. Since guests never see the preparation and slicing of the cake used for serving, many never realize that the display cake was not a real cake. Fake wedding cakes are much easier to create than real cakes and even specialty cake shops offer fake cakes to use in weddings.

Fake Wedding Cakes for Display

Styrofoam Cake Forms

Fake wedding cakes, also referred to as dummy cakes, are even easy enough to create by yourself at home. Foam blocks called cake forms are the main ingredient in building a fake wedding cake. Styrofoam cake forms are sold in every standard dimension as well as many less common forms used to shape more unique wedding cakes.
Fake Wedding Cakes

Icing Materials

You are able to use regular decorator’s icing, royal icing, or fondant to design a faux cake. Different cake designs call for different materials. Whereas royal icing is very difficult to work with when dry, fondant leaves an elastic, sugary cake coating that gives cakes an ultra-smooth finish.

Fake Wedding Cakes Rental

Some bakers prefer to use imitation icing for fake wedding cakes. Imitation icing is actually more expensive, but it helps safeguard a cake from damage. Spackling compound, the house-improvement substance employed for filling out small holes in walls, is a popular choice, but an industrial imitation icing is also available for larger projects. The most well-known brand is Perma Ice. This special material handles just like regular icing but is much more durable when dry and can also be easily wiped clean.

Fake Wedding Cakes Mn

Decorating Supplies

If you want to brighten your fake wedding cake with the same flowers and scrollwork as those in real cakes, you will need the same piping bags and designing tips. A piping bag is really a cone-formed cloth, plastic or parchment-paper bag which has a small opening in the narrow finish and it is accustomed to contain the icing that a decorator particulars a cake. A designing tip is really a funnel-formed plastic or metal tip that matches within the small piping bag opening and provides contour around the icing that is squashed from the bag through the decorator.

Fake Wedding Cakes Nyc

You may also use other materials to make an imitation wedding cake look beautiful. Fresh or silk flower buds and flower petals are popular for designing all types of wedding cakes. Other common choices include laces, ribbons, and strings of faux pearls or beads.

Fake Wedding Cakes Michigan

How to Make Fake Wedding Cakes

It is possible to make fake wedding cakes yourself. Sample directions for preparing a fake wedding cake are below:

  1. Place glue in the middle of a large tray. Center a large cake form on the glue and press down hard with consistent pressure for one minute.
  2. Sprinkle powdered sugar throughout the work surface. Put a liberal amount of fondant in the middle of the powdered sugar. Knead the fondant until it is fully pliable. Smash the fondant together with your hands until you can shape it into your desired decorative elements.
  3. Roll the fondant with a moving pin into a clean circle. Sprinkle more powdered sugar throughout the try whenever the fondant becomes sticky.
  4. Fold one for reds from the fondant within the moving pin, after which fold sleep issues from the fondant over that layer around the moving pin. Lift the moving pin and center it within the cake form. Lower the fondant to the form and unfold the layers therefore the fondant covers the top cake form and the edges from the fondant fall lower the edges from the form.
  5. Slowly move the fondant into position utilizing a soft spatula, removing out air pockets and pressing the fondant tight round the base. Trim excess fondant in the base having a sharp knife.
  6. Apply glue up core 10-inch cake form on the top from the layer of fondant. Put the 8-inch cake form to the glue and press lower.
  7. Stick to the previous approach to knead and roll the 24 oz. fondant right into a 22-inch diameter circle. Fold, lift and center the folded bit of fondant onto the top 8-inch cake form. Trim excess fondant in the base.
  8. Glue the 6-inch cake form up core 8-inch cake form. Roll the 14 oz. fondant right into a 20-inch diameter circle. Fold, lift and center the fondant onto the top 6-inch cake form. Trim excess fondant in the base.
  9. Permit the fondant to air-dry not less than 2 days.
  10. Measure and cut 34 inches of ribbon, while using tape measure and scissors. Wrap the ribbon around the bottom of the underside cake form. Apply glue towards the finish from the ribbon and overlap the finishes. Contain the finishes before the glue sets.
  11. Measure and cut 26 inches of ribbon. Wrap and glue the ribbon around the bottom of the center tier.
  12. Measure and cut 20 inches of ribbon. Wrap and glue the ribbon around the bottom of the very best tier.
  13. Glue fake flowers to the cake inside a pattern that is pleasing for you. Glue a flower over each ribbon seam to cover it, after which glue another flower directly across from this to balance the flowers around the cake.
  14. Use a place of glue to the middle of the very best tier and press a cake topper of your liking to the glue. Press the wedding cake topper into position until it appears stable.

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