Fall Wedding Cakes

Fall Wedding Cakes – Fall wedding cakes are synonymous with festivities, celebrations, and parties. Traditionally, fall was the season for families to gather together and celebrate the successful harvest. Today, fall still provides the opportunity for celebratory weddings that act as an excuse for large groups to get together. Fall wedding cakes offer a fantastic way to show off the season.

Fall Wedding Cakes

The most traditional wedding cakes are plain white wedding cakes that reflect a sense of purity and tranquility. Fall wedding cakes offer a different expression of festive decorations and warm colors. The best fall wedding cakes will generate a feeling of warmth and excitement from all of your guests during your special day.

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Fall Wedding Cakes Ideas

Fall wedding cakes are usually designed with autumn colors including orange, dark brown, yellow, dark green, red, and gold. The most common decorations on fall wedding cakes invoke the theme of the season using elements such as colorful leaves, pumpkin, acorn, twigs, tendrils, gerbera daisies, and roses. Even if your wedding theme is not based on the season, you can select individual elements of your cake to match your theme while relying on a general fall theme to complete the decoration.

Halloween wedding cakes or Thanksgiving cakes are also options for couples getting married in the fall. The variety of the season provides different options for both your wedding theme and your cake theme.

Small Fall Wedding Cakes

You can also create a fall wedding cake which takes the form of a wooden basket full of fruits to reflect a harvest season. Alternatively, simple fall wedding cakes decorated with twigs and dry orange leaves can be a beautiful choice.

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Fall Wedding Cakes with Leaves and Flowers

Oak leaves are a popular symbol for fall season and leaves become the focal point of any cake. The color of oak leaves also inspires the main color of fall wedding cakes. As an alternative to basic oak leaves, you can use other decorations that have similar colors to generate the same sense of atmosphere. For floral choices, many fall wedding cakes use gerbera, daisy, or roses as the main ornament. You can also improvise by using lilies, cherry, or using only flower petals. Fall wedding cakes lend themselves to unique designs and free expression.

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Fall Wedding Cakes Pictures

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Fall wedding cakes create a beautiful and unique theme for a wedding cake. Look through BestOfCake.com for more innovative cake ideas.