Festive Birthday Cake Varieties

Every year you celebrate the day you were born. Celebrating your birthday is a special day as it marks another year of getting older. A special day like this deserves a special cake! Many special bakeries offer baking and decorating services.

Festive Birthday Cake Carved Cake

Do you want your festive birthday cake to look like the classic birthday cake? If yes, you should pick a carved cake. This cake is usually formed in several layers. If you invite many guests to your birthday party, order 3 or more layers. It is usually held together and covered with cream or a frosted printed pattern made of sugar mixed with butter, or a different frosting.

Festive Birthday Cake Photo and Other Ideas

Another cool idea for a birthday cake is a photo cake. Who knew you could print a picture on your cake? The dyes are all edible and the photo is a great way to have your own customized cake.

Cupcake arrangements are also fun for birthdays. They’re the perfect serving size and easily accessible to everyone.


Red Festive Birthday Cake

Festive Birthday Cake Design

Festive Birthday Cake

Green Festive Birthday Cake