Festive Birthday Cake Varieties

Every year, your age is turning over a certain old; planning to celebrate it, do not miss your special festive birthday cake. We all know that celebrating our birthday is such an unforgettable moment for us to dream for. A beautiful birthday party would be very special occasion if we present such a beautiful cake too. Many special birthday cakes are offered by some bakery shops.

Festive Birthday Cake Carved Cake

Do you want your festive birthday cake goes into a classic style? If yes, your choice will be fit with carved cake. This cake is usually formed in several layers. If you invite many guests to come, order 3 or more layers. The uniqueness of this cake has been shown to the use of some artistic carving on the side. It is formed usually with cream or frosted printed pattern which is made of a certain sugar mixed with butter. You may order some different colors on the carved patterns. The patterns can be love signs, flowers, leaves, or things that you like.

Festive Birthday Cake Photo and Carved Cakes

The next choice of festive birthday cake that you probably most like is photo cake. Can a photo be added on your cake? Is it edible? Those are common questions that always appear when we are going to opt for. This photo cake is an edible cake. On the surface of it, there is a layer or covering, made from printed frosted sugar mixed with butter. After that, we print some colors on it with food coloring materials which consider safe or edible.

Red Festive Birthday Cake

Festive Birthday Cake Design

Festive Birthday Cake

Green Festive Birthday Cake

This kind of birthday cake will satisfy you. It is cup birthday cake. Many cups of these cakes are arranged in a cake tier or we call it as cake stand. Make them layered for about 3 or more layers. Practically, you are easy to serve it. You may order variations of each layer so that you make fun birthday cake out.  If you want to practice these festive birthday cakes, go on to festive birthday cake recipes which are available on the internet or magazine.