Funny Wedding Cakes

Funny wedding cakes are a genre of wedding cakes designed to make your guests laugh. While funny wedding cakes are less common than more traditional variations, the best humorous cakes are both entertaining and memorable. The best part about using a funny wedding cake for your special day is that the cake can be completely customized to the personality of the bride and groom.

Funny Wedding Cake Decorations

Even though funny wedding cakes are not as popular as normal wedding cakes, any wedding cake bakery or professional cake decorator should have experience designing a non-traditional cakes. Most lighthearted cakes are based on a single theme such as a movie character, meaningful venue, or memorable quote. Since the best cakes are personalized to the specific bride and groom, couples generally take an idea to the cake designer who works to turn the idea into a fantastic dessert.

Funny Wedding Cakes

Funny Wedding Cakes Pictures

Funny Wedding Cakes Design

Funny Wedding Cake Images

Funny Wedding Cake Designs

With so much variety in the design of a funny wedding cake, it can be hard to settle on a particular choice. Many themes focus on the interaction between the bride and the groom. Figurines of the couple can be displayed in any position and serve as the focal point for the top of the cake. Additional elements of the cake can be used to highlight the interplay between the two figurines. Alternative ideas include focusing on the colors, theme, or telling a story with the dessert. The best designed funny wedding cakes leave guests with a lasting impression of the creativity and humor of the newlyweds.

Funny Wedding Cakes Ideas

Here are some additional ideas for the theme of a funny wedding cake:

  • Horror movie-inspired cake where the bride attacks the groom. Common variations include scenes where the groom incites the bride by failing to perform such tasks as taking out the trash or washing the dishes.
  • Design the top of your wedding cakes so that the bride and groom figurines are separated by empty space. Make each figurine have a holstered gun as if they are in an old-fashioned western standoff.
  • Show the newlywed figurines passed out holding bottles of wine while still in their wedding attire.
  • Position the figurine cake toppers of the couple so that they are sitting on top of the actual cake eating a tiny replica of the cake.

You can design your own funny wedding cake to create a unique and memorable dessert for your guests. Look through for more cake ideas and pictures of a variety of wedding cakes.