Gold Wedding Cake: Make the Anniversary Memorable

A gold wedding cake is the perfect cake to serve at an anniversary party. It’s as amazing and beautiful as your own anniversary!

Gold Wedding Cake: Layered Cake

The gold wedding cake comes in many shapes, styles and decorations you can choose from. Many of the bakeries and cake shops offer to make the cake for you.

Gold Wedding Cake: Tiered Cake

The gold wedding cake in one tier is enough. However, to get a more amazing, eye catching effect, choose the two-tiered or the three-tiered cake. The higher the cake, the grander the cake will look. Gold marble can adorn each tier on the bottom of the cake. Flowers and candles can also make the cake more attention grabbing.

A simple cake with white layers and the gold lining on each tier with gold flowers, icing, and a gold ribbon is a simple yet stunning cake decoration. If you want to add color to your cake, light pink or red flowers will make the gold stand out.

Glamour Gold Wedding Cake

Gold Wedding Cake

Yellow Gold Wedding Cake

Asian Gold Wedding Cake