Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes

Heart shaped wedding cakes can also look elegant, fun, romantic, yet playful and attractive. The traditional wedding cakes usually take a shape as round or square, and these two shapes of wedding cakes are so commonly found that sometimes make us feel bored. Some other creative people trying to create new shapes of wedding cakes based on what they really like; the sand castle, the shapes of flowers, even the movie video tape, or other attractive shapes to make a sweet difference.

Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes

Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes with Roses

Just like other shapes of wedding cakes, heart shaped wedding cakes can also be decorated with various accessories; ribbons, flowers, pearls, or simply just a fondant. Any types of wedding cakes decorations will generate different types of beauty to your heart shape cake. The easiest way how to decorate your cake is by choose white as your cake main color. You can set many types of color to decorate it further, or set various types of accessories and start to set one theme; classic, vintage, modern, traditional, or unique.

Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes with Butterflies

Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes Red Roses

Some ideas to decorate heart shaped wedding cakes are by setting some themes. You can create classic wedding cakes by add some white roses on one side of the vanilla heart cake. Add white ribbon toed around the cake. Vintage heart shaped wedding cakes can e made by add more pastel colors as your cake decorations. Pink roses or orchids combine with intricate detail on the side of the cake made of fondant or whipped cream. You can put soft pink, blue, or grass green as additional decorative color, silver pearls and ribbons can also use as good alternative.

Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes Pictures

Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes Images

Modern heart shaped wedding cakes can be made through new concept of cakes. You can create heart shape cup cakes as your wedding dessert. Cup cakes today become famous as modern wedding cakes that bring a lot of advantages. Put fondant decorations to help them look attractive.

Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes Fountain

Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes Designs

Heart shaped wedding cakes can also look attractive with the right decorations and accessories.