Horse Wedding Cakes

Other than a usual, ordinary, or even boring design of wedding cakes, you can try these horse wedding cakes ideas. With horse as the part of wedding design and decoration, you can show your love for this animal. Or perhaps you just want unique looking wedding cakes? Either way, there is lots of this horse designed wedding cake on the internet. A super cute looking horse or the realistic one is both applicable on the wedding cake design.

Horse Wedding Cakes

Horse wedding cakes designs are so varied and creative. The horse can be put in two ways, as the part along with the bride and groom or as the representation of them. When you search for it at the internet, you will found out lots of good design involving horses. And like I’ve said before, there are this realistic shaped horse décor and the cute, doll looked horses. This is depended on the bride and groom preferences, which design that they would like to use. You also have other option regarding the way the horse fitted into the wedding cakes, shaped in 3 D or just plain pictures. The wedding cake itself can be made into horse shoe shape or the usual round and square shape with tier.

Horse Themed Wedding Cakes

If you considered other ways to design your wedding cakes, make sure you have a friend or people that you can consult with your ideas and design. You don’t want to make your wedding cakes looks horrible right? Or if you don’t want to get dizzy with the design, you can always ask for the wedding shopkeeper about the design involving the horse. So what do you think about it? Have you put these horse wedding cakes into your consideration for your special wedding cakes design?

Horse Cake Toppers Wedding Cakes

Horse wedding cakes are all about wedding cakes with horse as the part of the design. The horse can be put along as the bride and grooms companion at the wedding cake topper decoration. Other than that, making the horse as the representations of the bride and groom can be done too. The horse can also be opted in 3D shape or just pictures on the cake.