Indian Wedding Cakes

Indian wedding cakes are a popular subset of wedding cakes common in weddings involving people of Indian descent. Bold colors with plenty of red and gold are a notable element of most Indian wedding cakes. Besides attractive colors, Indian wedding cakes also involve intricate engraving and detailing throughout the cake. Multi-tiered cakes are standard with larger cakes on the base holding smaller cakes and tall decorative elements above.

Indian Wedding Cake

Indian wedding cakes vary dramatically based on the preferences of the bride and groom. Religious couples who follow a Hindu tradition usually prefer cakes with a deity cake topper sitting on a lotus leaf. More secular newlyweds often opt for traditional red cake with gold engraving across the entire surface of the cake. With no set requirements for Indian wedding cakes, couples are free to design a cake that matches their own personalities and interests.

Traditional Indian Wedding Cakes

Traditional Indian wedding cakes consist of simple red wedding cakes engraved with gold inlay. Red and gold are the most popular colors used by Indian couples on their wedding day.

Traditional Indian Wedding Cakes Designs

Instead of the figurines of the bride and groom, traditional Indian wedding cakes often use Hindu gods as wedding cakes toppers. Common choices include Krishna or Ganesha. Other popular toppers are a giant lotus or golden elephant. The colors of the cake toppers generally match the other colors on the cake.

Modern Indian Wedding Cakes Designs

Modern Indian wedding cakes usually involve more simple designs than elaborate traditional variations. The colors and engraving are often the same with red cakes and gold trim. Decorations for modern Indian wedding cakes are also quite similar to other Indian wedding cakes. The main differences are in the structural design of the cake and the use of a cake topper. Amusing figurines of the bride and groom are a unique cake topper while architectural cakes modeled after famous buildings like the Taj Mahal are a memorable choice.

Indian Wedding Cakes

While Indian wedding cakes are most often used during weddings between two people of Indian ancestry, the elements in an Indian wedding cake can be used by any couple. Several components, including the red cake with gold decorations and the fanciful cake toppers, can be incorporated into cakes of other cultures and styles.

Many wedding cake vendors and professional cake decorators have basic Indian wedding cake designs available in a catalog. More sophisticated couples who want to design their own cake should print out pictures and sample cakes to use in the decorating process. Look through for more cake ideas to find your ideal cake for your special day.