Modern Wedding Cakes

Modern wedding cakes are associated with new ideas with a unique and fun appeal. In contrast with traditional wedding cakes, modern wedding cakes often reflect the personality of the couple and set a memorable theme for the wedding reception. Even though they can look more basic than old-fashioned wedding cakes, modern wedding cakes still offer an elegant design and attract just as much attention as traditional wedding cakes.

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The concepts behind modern wedding cakes are far different from round, multi-tier traditional wedding cakes. At their core, modern wedding cakes rely on new and innovative designs. Look through images of modern wedding cakes to generate your own ideas of how you want your cake to look on your special day.

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There is no accepted standard regarding how to create a good wedding cake. However, modern wedding cakes also allow for an even more open design process. Many brides holding nontraditional weddings like to change things up by offering modern wedding cupcakes rather than traditional cakes. Cupcakes can be displayed around a larger wedding cakes or can be simply arranged in individual tiers to be used in lieu of the wedding cake. Cupcakes provide for free and open designs with trendy and stylish decorations. Another popular modern wedding cake design is the asymmetrical wedding cake. The asymmetrical cake does not rely on standard cake shapes or sizes. Rather, a couple can choose unique designs, textures, and entire cake shapes to create a one-of-a-kind wedding cake.
Modern Wedding Cakes Designs

Modern Toppers for Wedding Cakes

Cake toppers are also available to set a unique tone for the wedding cake. Traditional wedding cakes use statuettes of the bride and groom standing side by side or the initials of bride and groom. For modern wedding cakes, modern wedding cake toppers can be replaced by anything including innovative ideas such as: a cartoon character, photos of the new couple, an animal, or custom drawn cake decorations created by a professional wedding cake bakery.

Modern Toppers for Wedding Cakes

Modern wedding cakes are about showing the guests the unique personality of the newlyweds. Modern cake designs usually incorporate specific aspects of the life of the bride and groom to reflect their hobbies, hopes, and dreams. Modern wedding cakes let couples create a wedding dessert as unique as their relationship.