Black Forest Cake

Try to Make Black Forest Cake

Many people might think that baking a black forest cake is difficult. Fear not! You can easily make this cake by simply preparing a dark chocolate cake mix, drained maraschino cherries, whipped cream, chocolate shaving, and sugar.

After baking the chocolate cake, you can spread the cream and cherries in between layers. If you don’t want layers, you can simply frost the entire cake, put whipped cream on top, line the cherries in whatever pattern you’d like, and finally add chocolate shavings. The chocolate shaving can be made by simply using a chocolate bar and peeling it with a vegetable peeler.

As you can see below, some people prefer having more chocolate shaving, other people prefer having more cherries, and some people just enjoy having a lot of both!

White Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake Design

Black Forest Cake with Cherry

Black Forest Cake

How to Make a Small Birthday Cake

Small birthday cakes make great gifts. The recipient will appreciate all the time and effort you put into baking this specific, small birthday cake.

To make a small birthday cake, go online. You can make cupcakes that will serve as a “birthday cake,” or you can actually find a miniature cake pan. The recipe that you want to use is up to you, just remember that the baking time is different because you are making a smaller cake.

The best part about small birthday cakes is that they’re fun to get and fun to make! Once you’re done baking the cake, let it cool. After it cools, you can decorate the cake in any way you’d like! You can swirl flowers out of frosting, you can write “Happy Birthday” in frosting, you can put sprinkles on… You can even buy a candle and light it for your special person!

There are many ways to personally customize a small birthday cake so that the person receiving it will be amazed by your creation.

White Small Birthday Cake

Pink Small Birthday Cake

Small Birthday Cake with Candle

Small Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake for Girls

Birthday Cake for Girls with Simple Decoration

The birthday cake is the most awaited part of every birthday party. Birthday cakes for girls can be bright and colorful. An easy cake to prepare would be a basic vanilla cake with frostings of various colors. Cover the cake smoothly in all the colors your girl(s) want. Don’t forget to add sprinkles and of course the candles!

You can also add a figurine or cake toppers if you want your cake to be fun.

Tinkerbell Birthday Cake for Girls

Birthday Cake for Girls

Heart Birthday Cake for Girls

Purple Birthday Cake for Girls

Birthday Cake for Girls: Cupcakes

It will more easy to make a birthday “cake” out of cupcakes. You only have to make the plain cupcakes in a number that you need and decorate it with cream, fondant and/or sprinkles. You can shape the fondant in any way you want and apply it to the cupcake.

Cool Birthday Cake: Get the Best Birthday Cake Ever

Cool Birthday Cake: Cake Choices

Everybody wants to have a cool birthday cake. But what is a cool birthday cake? A cool birthday cake is tasty and looks fancy. For example, a caramel cake would be perfect. A butter cake draped in caramel and fudge would not only look rich and elegant, but also taste amazing. If you prefer chocolate cake, a German chocolate cake with multiple layers will definitely have people drooling. Blue velvet cakes or red velvet cakes are also very unique and eye-catching.

Cool Birthday Cake: Decorations

Cool birthday cake ideas for kids are usually focused on what the cake looks like. While it’s important that the cake tastes good, a rich cake isn’t exactly necessary. A basic chocolate or vanilla cake would be loved by all children.

Nice Cool Birthday Cake

Cool Birthday Cake with Star Accessories

Cool Birthday Cake

Dinosaur Cool Birthday Cake


Gold Wedding Cake: Make the Anniversary Memorable

A gold wedding cake is the perfect cake to serve at an anniversary party. It’s as amazing and beautiful as your own anniversary!

Gold Wedding Cake: Layered Cake

The gold wedding cake comes in many shapes, styles and decorations you can choose from. Many of the bakeries and cake shops offer to make the cake for you.

Gold Wedding Cake: Tiered Cake

The gold wedding cake in one tier is enough. However, to get a more amazing, eye catching effect, choose the two-tiered or the three-tiered cake. The higher the cake, the grander the cake will look. Gold marble can adorn each tier on the bottom of the cake. Flowers and candles can also make the cake more attention grabbing.

A simple cake with white layers and the gold lining on each tier with gold flowers, icing, and a gold ribbon is a simple yet stunning cake decoration. If you want to add color to your cake, light pink or red flowers will make the gold stand out.

Glamour Gold Wedding Cake

Gold Wedding Cake

Yellow Gold Wedding Cake

Asian Gold Wedding Cake


Creative Wedding Cake 2013 Ideas

Creative couples need a creative wedding cake. For those who can’t come up with a unique idea, here are some you might like!

Creative Wedding Cake ordinary

Do you want to create your creative wedding cake? The easiest way to make an ordinary wedding cake is by putting cake toppers. With toppers like figurines, flowers, etc, you can create a theme to your cake. For example, do you and your partner enjoy video games? You can create a video game themed cake!

Creative Wedding Cake ideas

There are some examples of creative wedding cakes which should be appreciated for the amount of time it took the baker to make. For example, below you can see a cake modeled after the bride herself. What cake could be more unique and different than a cake modeled after the bride?

Unique Creative Wedding Cake

Creative Wedding Cake with Flowers

Creative Wedding Cake

Elegant Creative Wedding Cake


Wedding Cake with Bow: Sweet Sense of Cake

Celebrate your special wedding party with a wedding cake with a bow. The elegant, cute and sweet shape of the bow will add a lighthearted feeling to the party. You can pick what size, shape, and color of bow you want. A black bow would be more elegant, whereas a pink bow would add cuteness.

The bows made on cakes are usually made of fondant. This is edible decoration, but if you’d prefer, you can simply use regular ribbon.

Luxury Wedding Cake with Bow

Wedding Cake with Bow

Awesome Wedding Cake with Bow

Wedding Cake with Bow Design

Birthday Cake for Girls

What kind of cake would match your birthday girl? Maybe a pink cake with flowers? A cake with toppers and glitter? All of the above? Any idea that you would want for a girl’s birthday cake can be made. You can ask a bakery to prepare one for you, or you can try making one yourself!

Below you can find examples of some unique birthday cakes for girls. There is a doll birthday cake, a Disney princess cupcake display, or a simple, bright and colorful birthday cake.

Bithday Cake for Girls with Doll Birthday Cake for Gils with Stars Birthday Cake for Gils Ideas Birthday Cake for Gils Design


Birthday Cake for Gils Design

Birthday Cake for Gils Ideas

Birthday Cake for Gils with Stars

Bithday Cake for Girls with Doll

Christmas Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes with a Christmas theme can be fun to design. You can have a red and green theme, a christmas tree theme, a present theme, or a white/light blue wintery or snowy theme. Whichever theme you pick, your cake is destined to get everyone in the holiday spirits.

White and red Christmas wedding cakes are popular because they have just a slight touch of the Christmas feel, but are still elegant and beautiful enough to be used at a wedding. Flowers are a great decoration on the cake and will catch your guests’ attention.

Wedding Cakes Christmas

Wedding Cakes Christmas Flower

Wedding Cakes Christmas Ideas

Wedding Cakes Christmas White


Birthday Cakes for Dad

Birthday Cake for Dad Ideas: His Favorite

What does your dad like? Give him a birthday cake in a theme that he’d like. For example, you could make a sports themed cake, a golfing themed cake, fishing, etc. Find out what your dad likes and decorate your cake accordingly. If you can’t find out what he enjoys doing, you can always write in frosting “Happy Birthday!” Of course you could pick any other phrase to put on top of the cake as well.

Birthday Cake for Dad

Birthday Cake for Dad 2012

Birthday Cake for Dad Simple

Birthday Cake for Dad White

You can buy the cake or just try to make it on the kitchen. Browse some easy birthday cake recipes. If you prefer to buy the cake, look for ideas to to hand to the baker. Go get a birthday cake for dad and prepare the best cake for him.