Purple Wedding Cakes

A purple wedding cake is a great way to have a distinct dessert for your wedding reception. Since most traditional wedding cakes use white as a primary color, a purple cake sets a unique tone for your event. Purple cakes have the flexibility to be elegant or funky depending on the mood of the couple.

Purple and Black Wedding Cakes

Purple wedding cakes do not have to be exclusively one color. Most cakes use purple as either a base coat with other colors as trim or purple as a decorative color with a different color as the main color. By virtue of having purple in the cake, most decorative ideas spring from the color theme.

Purple and Yellow Wedding Cakes

Purple and Gold Wedding Cakes

Newlyweds looking for a purple wedding cake usually use purple as a color scheme for the wedding reception as well as the wedding cake. As purple can be a difficult color to match, it is critical to see the purple color of the wedding theme next to the purple color of the cake to ensure a proper match.

Purple Wedding Cakes

Dark Purple Wedding Cakes

Couples have two basic options for getting a purple wedding cake. The majority will order a customized purple cake from a wedding cake shop. Some may opt to bake a cake themselves at home.

Any wedding planner or professional cake bakery will have a large selection of sample cakes. Simply find a purple cake that fits your specifications and place an order. Alternately, select a cake that is a different color and ask your cake decorator to incorporate your shade of purple into the design.

To decorate the cake yourself, just prepare the cake once it has been cooled. With purple-colored fondant and purple icing any amateur baker can turn an entire cake purple. Limit use of additional decorations and large cake toppers with a purple cake since the color scheme itself is sufficient to attract attention.

Purple and White Wedding Cakes

A purple wedding cakes is a unique and interesting cake for your perfect wedding. See more sample cake pictures and cake ideas on BestOfCake.com.