Rhinestones Wedding Cakes

Are you the couple who love bling? Or diamond? These rhinestones wedding cakes are using imitated diamond for wedding cakes decoration purposes. Usually the rhinestones are made as ribbon for covering the tier connection. These rhinestones are so shiny and cool that makes your wedding cakes more expensive and posh looking. The designs that commonly used are in minimalist or simple fashion. Combining the bling with other decorations need to be a little careful. If not, the wedding cakes may look too tacky or corny.

Rhinestones Wedding Cakes

Look up at the internet or to the nearest wedding cakes shop to ask about this wedding cakes design. If you like to use the rhinestones ribbon, there are many online and offline shop that sell this ribbon for decoration purposes. There are ribbon pin with rhinestones on it if you use usual ribbon but still want to use rhinestones in simplest manner. The toppers with rhinestones are available too. Usually it comes off with initial statue. Like other wedding cakes, you can combine these wedding cakes with flower, butterflies, other icing, or just the statue of bride and groom. It’s better to ask for other people who are understand design about combining some things together. You want your wedding cakes to be beautiful and extremely nice right?

Pictures Rhinestones Wedding Cakes

The wedding cakes color that was widely use are white. But it doesn’t close off other possible color. Make sure that you use plain color or soft color that brings the rhinestones blings come out. Rhinestones are all about blings. These wedding cakes are so simple with design, but yelled elegant from it. A couple who loves simplicity, elegant and posh things, especially blings, is going to like these rhinestones wedding cakes. So, have you made up your mind with these wedding cakes?

Black White Rhinestones Wedding Cakes

Edible Rhinestones Wedding Cakes

Rhinestones wedding cakes are using fake imitated diamonds as wedding cake decoration. Usually, the rhinestones are used as ribbon for every tier. Other that that, people can found this rhinestones as topper or ribbon pin. This wedding cakes design is simple, yet looked so expensive and elegant. Combining rhinestones wedding cakes need extra attention, because blending it with the decoration that didn’t match it can bring disaster to our wedding cakes.