Rosette Wedding Cakes

Rosette wedding cakes are one of the wedding cakes designs that offered for the married couple. This rosette wedding cake using rose as its design. The rose are usually made in butter cream as an icing and put on the wedding cakes. The pattern that was made by this butter cream rose on rosette wedding cakes are so sweet and pretty for wedding cakes. There are plenty of rosette wedding cakes design and decoration. Search for it at the internet or ask directly to the wedding cake shop. There you will get some insight about the variation of rosette wedding cakes.

Rosette Wedding Cakes

The common rosette design that we can found are made in all purple, all white, or all pink color. The wedding cake and the rose icing are in one same color. The rose icing can covering all the wedding cakes or just on a little part of the wedding cakes. You can also put the rose icing on certain level of wedding cakes tier. For example, you can choose to cover up the first and third wedding cake on the tier, but the second one is left plain. The rose icing can also come up in different, creative soft color on your wedding cakes. Other than that, you can also combine this wedding cake with other decoration for wedding cakes. Like usual, the decoration that you can combine with are ribbon, flower, or traditional bride and groom statue at the top tier.

Overall, this wedding cake will make you get some credit from your invited guest because of its delicate and nice view. But don’t forget the taste too. This cake can come up with many soft flavors in it. Such as vanilla, lemon, and other flavors available. So, have you considered this wedding cake for your wedding party?

Rosette Wedding Cakes Pictures

Rosette wedding cakes using rose as its design. The rose that was used is in butter cream icing shape. The icing rose are usually covered the entire wedding cakes. Although at other wedding cakes design we can see that the rose are only put in certain section on the cakes or in only specific tier. This wedding cake can be combined with other cakes decoration, such as ribbon, flower, name initials or bride and groom statue at the top tier.