Simple Wedding Cakes

Simple wedding cakes are a specific genre of wedding cake design. As the name implies, a simple wedding cake is a low cost dessert that forgoes elaborate decorations in favor of clean lines and a basic design. Just because you choose a simple wedding cake for your special day does not mean that your cake is any less impressive. The best part of simple wedding cakes is that they can be designed and baked at home by even novice pastry chefs.

Simple Wedding Cakes

Following some basic instructions, anyone can make a simple wedding cake at home that is just as beautiful as one baked in a professional wedding cake bakery.

Simple Wedding Cakes to Make at Home

The standard simple wedding cake starts with a single round or rectangular cake in your favorite flavor and color. A second, smaller cake in the same shape should be made in an identical fashion. Next, place the smaller cake on top of the larger one and cover the outside of both with fondant. Finally, add decorations and a cake topper to complete your simple wedding cake.

Simple Wedding Cakes to Make at Home

Simple wedding cakes can also be ordered from general bakeries or from specialty wedding cake shops. All vendors will have a standard list of cakes listed in a catalog. The cheapest option for couples is to choose a basic cake from the bakery catalog and make no additional customization. Simple wedding cakes rarely invoke a theme or intricate decorations. Most rely on a single item, like a wedding cake topper or a single colorful design, on top of the basic sheet cake.

Simple Wedding Cake Designs

You have many choices for decorating a simple wedding cake. Fresh flowers or fake flowers are a popular selection. Colored gum paste or fondant decorations are also common. Most cakes also include wedding cake toppers like bride and groom figurines or monogrammed initials. The sides of the cake are also a prime spot for decorative elements.

Simple Wedding Cakes Designs

Elegant simple wedding cakes can be made with just a single tier cake decorated with ribbons and crystal lacing around the cake trim. Simple wedding cakes do not necessarily require special cake decorating skills as anyone can create a meaningful, personalized design. A simple cake designed by the bride is often more touching than a fanciful cake designed by an unrelated cake decorator.

Simple Wedding Cakes Ideas

Simple wedding cakes can be made at home. Their main advantage is that simple wedding cakes offer the chance to decorate a wedding cake with individual elements while saving money compared to a fancy, traditional wedding cake.