How to Make a Small Birthday Cake

Small birthday cakes make great gifts. The recipient will appreciate all the time and effort you put into baking this specific, small birthday cake.

To make a small birthday cake, go online. You can make cupcakes that will serve as a “birthday cake,” or you can actually find a miniature cake pan. The recipe that you want to use is up to you, just remember that the baking time is different because you are making a smaller cake.

The best part about small birthday cakes is that they’re fun to get and fun to make! Once you’re done baking the cake, let it cool. After it cools, you can decorate the cake in any way you’d like! You can swirl flowers out of frosting, you can write “Happy Birthday” in frosting, you can put sprinkles on… You can even buy a candle and light it for your special person!

There are many ways to personally customize a small birthday cake so that the person receiving it will be amazed by your creation.

White Small Birthday Cake

Pink Small Birthday Cake

Small Birthday Cake with Candle

Small Birthday Cake