Small Wedding Cakes

Small wedding cakes are a great choice for unconventional couples who want a unique cake while still retaining aspects of a traditional wedding cake. A small wedding cake is ideal when arranged in tiers to create a perfect design, but they are also a good choice as individual cakes with unique decorations. When prepared correctly, small wedding cakes can provide all of the ambiance of larger cakes at a fraction of the price.

Small Wedding Cakes

Small wedding cakes can be designed just like regular-sized cakes. Although the smaller surface area makes it more difficult to work with small cakes, any competent cake decorator will be able to minimize a design to fit on the smaller cake. The best way to approach designing a small wedding cake is to find a specific motif from the picture of a larger cake and then remove some elements to ensure it works on the smaller one. Any decor works with a small wedding cake from the cheapest, most basic styles to elaborate, intricate decoration.

Small Wedding Cakes with Cupcakes

Small Wedding Cakes for Centerpieces

Small Wedding Cake Design Ideas

Two points are important when looking for small wedding cake design ideas. First, remember that the reduced size of the cake means that individual design elements will be harder to identify. This makes monogrammed initial cake toppers or other writing less useful than on larger cakes. Second, keep in mind that multiple small wedding cakes can be added to together to create a larger design. While one word may not fit on a single, small cake, it may look better as one letter on each of several cakes.

Small Wedding Cakes with Flowers

Small Wedding Cakes Designs

Creative couples can also use their small wedding cakes to create a story. With as few as three tiny cakes, you can show a humorous anecdote, a romantic scene, or a memorable moment from the couple’s history. Tiny bride and groom figurines are great for a mini-plot as are photo cakes which show real pictures printed with edible icing onto the small cakes.

Two Tier Square Wedding Cake

Small Blue Wedding Cakes

Small wedding cakes can also takes a form as small sweet two tier square wedding cake. Make two small square wedding cakes with different size, stack them on one another. Make some small decoration using melted chocolate at the bottom of the cake, put one pink small gerbera on one side of the cake. And this small effort is enough to decorate your small wedding cake.

Small Wedding Cakes Ideas

Small wedding cakes are not suited for every celebration. But for intimate gatherings of friends and family, a small wedding cake can be the perfect dessert. Look through for more pictures and wedding cake ideas. Remember to take the time to find the ideal cake that matches the celebration of your love on your special day.