Sunflower Wedding Cakes

Sunflower wedding cakes become the most favorite wedding cakes chosen if you intend to have western wedding cakes. Compared to the western theme, sunflower wedding cakes provide more feminine, elegant and beautiful atmosphere than any western wedding cakes. The color scheme uses for this cake are yellow, green, white, light brown, and dark brown. These are the natural and neutral colors that whenever you combined will generate beautiful sunflower wedding cakes.

Sunflower Wedding Cakes Pictures

Yellow Sunflower Wedding Cakes

Even though consider as one of western wedding cakes theme, the sunflower wedding cakes shows more than just western sense. You can create the autumn wedding cakes using the same flower. You only have to set the most suitable combinations. Sunflower wedding cakes which represent western sense will need more brown color; you can use the western accessories like hat, rope, wooden fence, and so on. Meanwhile the sunflowers that represent the autumn sense can be generate by using more red and dark brown colors and autumn accessories like dead leafs, pine fruit, gerberas, or poinsettias.

Sunflower Wedding Cakes

Sunflower Wedding Cakes Images

Sunflower Wedding Cakes Cupcakes

Besides able to represents more general theme, sunflower wedding cakes also able to make the special theme – the sunflowers itself by using only sunflowers as the main accessories. Reduce the use of brown color to avoid sense of other themes, use white to soften the design and showing the true of sunflower. Three tiered round cakes with white fondant and additional yellow sun flowers accessories and another bouquet of sunflowers as the toppers. You only have to reduce the accessories on the wedding cake if you intend to increase the elegant sense, and add some more to add more festive sense.

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Chocolate Sunflower Wedding Cakes

Sunflower wedding cakes can create many themes of wedding cakes; the most common themes that can be generated by sun flowers are the western wedding cakes and the autumn wedding cakes.