Traditional Wedding Cakes

Traditional Wedding Cakes – For modern weddings there are many options to traditional wedding cakes. Although many unique wedding cakes are available for every event, more traditional brides generally prefer more traditional wedding cakes. Even those couples who add a little flair to their ceremony and reception may want to consider a traditional wedding cake for a standard touch during their wedding.

Traditional Wedding Cakes Idea

From the start of vows to the the end of the first dance, modern weddings present many opportunities for individual flair. But few creative aspects of the wedding are as memorable as the design of the wedding cake. Many guests, particularly older relatives, will appreciate a traditional wedding cake no matter what other activities take place during the rest of the wedding.

Traditional White Wedding Cake

Traditional Wedding Cakes

White Traditional Square Wedding Cakes

The standard traditional wedding cake has usually been a simple confection made from flour and sugar. Recent weddings have seen an explosion of decorative elements and fancy calligraphy included on the surface of even traditional wedding cakes. The base wedding cake may even be decorated by flowers, fruits, and cake toppers designed especially for the couple.

Traditional Wedding Cakes Design

Traditional Square Wedding Cakes

Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper

For couples who have chosen a proper, white, three-tier wedding cake, the traditional wedding cake topper of a bride and a groom makes a formal statement. Other cake topper options include initial cake toppers, name cake toppers, and photo cake toppers.

Traditional Wedding Cake Topper

Traditional wedding cakes have a standard color and layer design, but couples who hire a sophisticated wedding cake vendor have many other choices for customization. Specialty cake bakeries can add decorative elements through the cake, change the flavor, and even make multiple tiers of different heights to match the wedding theme. Best of all, a local cake shop will allow you to have input throughout the entire cake decorating process and let you sample different flavors of cake to settle on your favorite.