Wedding Cake Ideas 2013: Ten Tiers Lilies Wedding Cake

If you want to held wedding party next year, You should know about wedding cake ideas 2013. Up to this year, the familiar wedding cake use rose as the surrounding decoration. Rose is a proper flower to show love, but true love is symbolized with lily. Most people attract to use rose as their love symbol in their wedding party in a very high cake.

Just little person use lily as their wedding cake decoration. I guest next year wedding cake ideas 2013 will be completed with adding lilies as the decoration around of the cake. Your true love will be expressed through it and all people in your party will admit your party. Lilies make elegance views in your cake. There may be some differences of wedding cake ideas 2013 for spring and wedding cake ideas 2013 for summer.

Wedding Cake Ideas 2013

Wedding Cake Ideas 2013 Topper

Wedding Cake Ideas 2013 in details

Putting lilies under the cake will be very interesting. Make sure that the color of your cake is white or fair. It will enable lilies will be perfectly mix with the cake color. I am sure that you have bored with the form of the custom high cake arrangement. Wedding Cake Ideas 2013 will be best arranged five layers in left side and five layers in right side. You can make different taste in every layer. For example: layer one is the real cake with usual taste, the layer two is carrot, layer three is fruit cake, layer four is vanilla, and the last layer is chocolate. You can order the taste depend on your taste.

Wedding Cake Ideas 2013 Purple

Wedding Cake Ideas 2013 Naked

How about your choice of wedding cake ideas 2013?

You can make many variations of the cake decoration. You can add it with adding white rose, red rose, blossoms, etc. The size of each cake can be all the same or different size with various shape do you want. Here I suggest you to have wedding cake ideas 2013 with the same size in each cake and for the shape it will be better if you choose circle.