Wedding Cake Ideas 2013

Wedding cake ideas for 2013 range from light, elegant cakes, to detailed cakes, to modern cakes! You can see below of some cakes that have captured a lot of attention.

The first is this rose cake. While the shape is simple, the frosting ruffles adds a light daintiness. The flowers add just enough decoration to make the cake stand out.


Wedding Cake Ideas 2013

This second wedding cake, although not shown, displays a wedding topper. This detailed topper shows the characteristic of this couple. It’s a cute way to add personality to your wedding cake.

Wedding Cake Ideas 2013 Topper

This is a wedding cake at the center of a bunch of other single serving desserts. The wedding cake is the center of attention, but all the other sweets surrounding it makes for an eye-catching table. Nobody could resist dessert with a display like this.Wedding Cake Ideas 2013 Purple

This cake is simple yet colorful. The cake has different layers of cake in different colors. Because of it’s different design, it doesn’t need many decorations.Wedding Cake Ideas 2013 Naked