Western Wedding Cakes

Western wedding cakes are not as famous as more popular wedding cake themes. Even so, a western-themed wedding cake is still a hit throughout much of the country. The iconic images of the wild west are suitable not only for television and movies, but can also be used to create innovative and memorable wedding cakes. Western themes are varied, but the most common include: cowboys, ranches, horses, saddles, brown and wooden colors, and special fashion elements like hats, shoes, and ropes.

Western Wedding Cakes

Western Wedding Cakes Pictures

Western Wedding Cakes Photos

With some many theme ideas for western wedding cakes, even the most knowledgeable couples should be sure to view pictures of sample cakes before settling on a final choice. The beauty of western wedding cakes is that individual items from each sample cake can be combined to create a unique dessert of your own creation. Any professional wedding cake bakery can design a custom cake ordered to your specifications. But having pictures and sample ideas can ensure that your wedding cake is created exactly as you imagined.

Western Wedding Cakes Designs

Western Theme Wedding Cakes

Country Western Wedding Cakes

Country western wedding cakes are a popular subset of general western wedding cakes. Normally a country western cake is combined with a country western wedding theme. Elements of such a cake generally rely on notable ranching themes like: boots, horses, wagons, saddles, cows, ropes, tumbleweeds, horseshoes, and desert plants. Although the main colors for country western wedding cakes usually rely on dark browns and deep golds, the cake is an opportunity to infuse additional color into your event. Western plants and flowers are the most likely choice for real flower cake toppers, but even brightly colored non-western choices like roses or lilies can be incorporated into the western cake design.

Country Western Wedding Cakes

Western Cake Toppers for Wedding Cakes

You can still use bride and groom figurines as toppers for your western wedding cakes. But with a western theme, even the cake toppers should be integrated with the rest of the cake. Specialty cake shops will have western-themed cake toppers to include with the cake. Figurines matching the theme can include anything related to the west including: the bride with a rope, the couple riding horses, the couple wearing cowboys outfits, or a ranch home on top of the cake.
Western Wedding Cake Toppers

Western Wedding Cake Topper

Western wedding cakes offer a unique theme for unique couples. By incorporating the western lifestyle into the wedding cake design, newlyweds can make a personal statement during their special event. Be sure to read through BestOfCake.com for more wedding cake ideas and sample pictures to use in your cake designs.