White Wedding Cakes

White wedding cakes are the most popular scheme used for desserts at weddings. White is the oldest and most traditional color for wedding ceremonies and receptions as well. White is consistently used as the base color for wedding cakes for many reasons. Representing purity and innocence, white reflects traditional values and religious ideals surrounding a wedding ceremony. From a design standpoint, white allows for varied combinations with other colors and matches well with nearly all wedding themes.

White Wedding Cakes

With modern weddings and less traditional couples, the standard white wedding cake is becoming less common. However, even the most imaginative newlyweds should at least consider using white as the main color for their cake before looking to other options. Even a basic white cake can be adapted to fit more modern or innovative design ideas. By adding unique decorations, a fanciful cake topper, or additional bold colors, a white wedding cake can move from traditional and old-fashioned to innovative and modern.

White Wedding Cakes with Fresh Flowers

White Wedding Cakes with Bling

Some ideas for color combinations to use with a white wedding cake are white and gold, white and silver, white and orange, white and pink, black and white, white and shades of yellow, white and chocolate, white and fruits, white and dark purple, white and bright red, white and olive green. The interesting thing about a white wedding cake is that it works very well with nearly any single additional color, but can look too busy when combined with multiple colors. Of course, the design of an individual wedding cake should be based on the preferences of the couple and their wedding theme.

White Wedding Cakes Pictures

White Wedding Cakes Images

White wedding cakes will always remain in style as a traditional way to celebrate a special day. Be sure to look for more wedding cake ideas and see hundreds of sample cake pictures throughout all of BestOfCake.com.