Beautiful Wedding Cakes for Your Perfect Wedding Day

One of essential things you should prepare in advance of your wedding day is an order for a beautiful wedding cake. Most couples order their wedding cake at least several months before their wedding. Not only does it take time before you decide on the most suitable cake for your wedding, but the best wedding cake bakeries are often booked months in advance during wedding season. Beautiful wedding cakes that look elegant and taste delicious are the goal of all brides and grooms shopping for a wedding creation. Your wedding is a sacred and joyful event. You want a wedding cake that celebrates your special day.

Beautiful Wedding Cakes Should Represent the Bride and Groom

Nowadays many cake shops offer wedding cakes in many styles to fulfill the desire for a beautiful wedding cake. In anticipation of the micro-management that is part of every wedding, professional cake decorators should be prepared to provide sample cakes. It suggested for both couple to try those cakes so they will meet the best choice that fulfill both couple preferences. The style and layer of the cake are also things that need to discuss with your partner. What is the theme of your wedding? If it’s elegant then you should request a wedding cake with simple decorations and a soft color.

Manage the Budget for Beautiful Wedding Cakes

You and your partner must decide which style and flavor of wedding cake suits you both. Then you should discuss the price. Try to find the most suitable combination between beautiful wedding cakes and price. The price of cake should reasonable and affordable for your budget.

 Wonderfull Beautiful Wedding Cakes

Beautiful Wedding Cakes with Flower Touch

Beautiful Wedding Cakes

White Classic Beautiful Wedding Cakes

You should manage your budget so that you will not spend too much just on the cake. Obviously you need that budget for other essential things for your wedding too. Preparing to get a beautiful wedding cake is not difficult, but with all the different options, picking your favorite one might be!

Wedding Cakes with Stairs

The Design of Wedding Cake with Stairs

There are a lot of styles of wedding cakes with stairs. The cake design represents your and your partner’s personality. Below you can see some examples of wedding cakes with stairs.

Some wedding cakes have multiple tiers with stairs connecting them. The stairs serve as decoration along with miniature wedding figurines and other accessories such as lighting and flowers. Stairs also add more dimension and creativity to your wedding cake.


Wonderfull Wedding Cakes Stairs

White Luxury Wedding Cakes Stairs

Nice Wedding Cakes Stairs


Wedding Cakes Stairs

Disney Princess Wedding Cake Toppers 2013

Fairytale wedding receptions are not complete without a Disney Princess wedding cake toppers. If you are planning to have a princess themed wedding, then a princess wedding cake topper will suit you perfectly.

Disney Princess Wedding Cake Toppers

The first topper you’ll want to look for is a light up castle topper. This will be the center of attention. Along with the castle topper, you can’t forget the prince and princess! Find which Disney characters you’ll want for your cake and put them on.

As for the color scheme of the wedding cake, golds, silvers, and mysterious colors like purples, green, blues, and pinks will make your cake look magical. You could even ask for edible glitter.

Disney Princess Wedding Cake Toppers

Beautiful Disney Princess Wedding Cake Toppers

Beauty Disney Princess Wedding Cake Toppers

Disney Princess Wedding Cake Toppers Design

Cupcake Towers Decorations

Cupcake Towers

On birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or any other celebration events, I often find cupcake towers. The cupcakes are usually arranged level by level just like a tree.

Cupcake towers can be arranged to make one giant display to match the theme of your celebration. Cupcakes with little decorations on them are the most visually appealing, but cupcakes of various colors are also attention grabbing if you’re on a tight budget. You can also choose to decorate your own cupcakes by using sprinkles, frosting, dyes, and other cupcake toppers.

Heart Cupcake Towers

Beautiful Cupcake Towers

Cupcake Towers

Cupcake Towers Design

How to Make Simple Cupcake Towers

To make a cupcake tree/tower, you’ll need a cupcake stand. You can easily purchase one from a cooking store or online. However, if you want to make your own, you’ll need cardboard and styrofoam for the base. As for the pillars, you can use cans. Cover these with paper that has a certain cute design or pattern so the material doesn’t show. Arrange your cupcake tower in any style you want (tree, spiral, etc.) and put it together.

Festive Birthday Cake Varieties

Every year you celebrate the day you were born. Celebrating your birthday is a special day as it marks another year of getting older. A special day like this deserves a special cake! Many special bakeries offer baking and decorating services.

Festive Birthday Cake Carved Cake

Do you want your festive birthday cake to look like the classic birthday cake? If yes, you should pick a carved cake. This cake is usually formed in several layers. If you invite many guests to your birthday party, order 3 or more layers. It is usually held together and covered with cream or a frosted printed pattern made of sugar mixed with butter, or a different frosting.

Festive Birthday Cake Photo and Other Ideas

Another cool idea for a birthday cake is a photo cake. Who knew you could print a picture on your cake? The dyes are all edible and the photo is a great way to have your own customized cake.

Cupcake arrangements are also fun for birthdays. They’re the perfect serving size and easily accessible to everyone.


Red Festive Birthday Cake

Festive Birthday Cake Design

Festive Birthday Cake

Green Festive Birthday Cake


Birthday Cake for Teenagers in Unique Design

Choosing the best birthday cake for teenagers is not an easy thing. There are several things which should be taken into consideration. The first one is the design, second is the taste, and last but not least, the price. Teenagers loving having the coolest party, and that means having the most impressive cake as well.

Ideas in Choosing Birthday Cake for Teenagers

Birthday cakes can be easily created once you have an idea of what your teenager wants. For example, does you teenager like One Direction? If so, maybe a cake with a photo of this group printed on it would be perfect. Does your teenager love playing soccer? If so, a soccer themed cake would match. There are many possibilities. Just find what your teenager likes.

Pink Heart Birthday Cakes for Teenagers

Chocolate Birthday Cakes for Teenagers

Bedroom Style Birthday Cakes for Teenagers

Birthday Cakes for Teenagers

Chocolate Lava Cake

Have ever tasted a warm, chocolate lava cake? This cake melts in your mouth and is a truly decadent dessert. When eaten with ice cream and fresh fruits, you’ll feel like you’re in dessert heaven.

You can make a chocolate lava cake by yourself at home. All you need is ¼ kg flours, 4 tablespoons butter, four eggs, emulsion, 200 grams chocolate powder, 200 grams chocolate bars, and ¼ kg sugar. Do not forget to prepare the mold to shape your lava cake like a chocolate cupcake as well.

Mini Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake Design

Chocolate Cake

Delicious Chocolate CakeChocolate lava cakes are perfect for dessert for any occasion. Whether you have a sweet tooth or want to bake something special for someone, the chocolate lava cake is loved by all.


Chocolate Birthday Cake

Who doesn’t love a rich chocolate cake?

Chocolate cakes are one of the most popular cake flavors for birthday celebrations. They’re tasty and can be easily baked or bought. When eaten with ice cream and/or fresh fruit, this will make a delicious dessert for you and your guests.

Black forest cakes are a type of chocolate cake that can be used as a birthday cake. The black forest is quite popular cake among many people. Each country has the different recipe for a black forest cake, but the basic cake is a layered chocolate cake with whipped cream and cherries in each layer.

Mini Happy Birthday Chocolate CakeMini Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake

Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake Ideas

Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake with Colourfull Toping

Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake

Valentine’s Cake

A cake to celebrate valentine’s day is fun, cute, and full of love! These cakes can by dyed pink, or can be kept as a regular white cake. The most common valentine’s day cake are heart shaped with heart decorations and a color theme of pink, red, and white.

While having such a common design can be comforting, many celebrants prefer to have a more unique cake on their birthday. By finding unique cake ideas or sample cake pictures you can turn a boring valentine’s day cake into something special and memorable.

Unique Birthday Cake on Valentine Day

Heart Cake

A standard heart cake is the mainstay of birthday cakes on valentine’s day. Unfortunately, since the cake is so common, few people are surprised by a plain heart cake. One way to make a valentine’s day birthday cake more interesting is to make a homemade cake. Cover the cake with the pink and white buttercream. Put decorations like sprinkles or write something out in frosting. Adding a personal touch is definitely unique!

A cake for kids can be made for valentine’s day, too! Children will love either chocolate or vanilla cake, so pick one!

Birthday Cake on Valentine Day Ideas

Birthday Cake on Valentine Day

Heart Birthday Cake on Valentine Day


Thanksgiving Cake Ideas

Thanksgiving cake ideas reflect the warmth and blessings in our lives. Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate all that we have. After a hearty meal, dessert brings the nice time to an end. If you don’t have enough time to bake a dessert, buy one. There are many bakery shops that offer cakes for Thanksgiving. For example, look at the Thanksgiving cake ideas from Wilton. The Wilton is a bakery that sells tasty cake or tarts with stunning decorations.

Any style cake will do for Thanksgiving. The color scheme of the cake should be earthy colors like browns, oranges, and yellows to represent autumn. If you want to be really fancy, you can try create a turkey shaped cake! Nothing says “Thanksgiving” like an adorable turkey.

Thanksgiving Cake Ideas

Chocolate ThanksgiviChocolate Thanksgiving Cake Ideas

Mini Thanksgiving Cake Ideas

Thanksgiving Cake Ideas Design