Beautiful Wedding Cakes for Your Perfect Wedding Day

One of essential things you should prepare in advance of your wedding day is an order for a beautiful wedding cake. Most couples order the wedding cake at least several months before their wedding. Not only does it take time before you decide on the most suitable cake for your wedding, but the best wedding cake bakeries are often booked months in advance during wedding season. Beautiful wedding cakes that look elegant and taste delicious are the goal of all brides and grooms shopping for a wedding creation. Your wedding is a sacred and joyful event. You want a wedding cake that celebrates your special day.

Beautiful Wedding Cakes Should Represent the Bride and Groom

Nowadays many cake shops offer wedding cakes in many styles to fulfill the desire for a beautiful wedding cake. In anticipation of the micro-management that is part of every wedding, professional cake decorators should be prepared to provide sample cakes. It suggested for both couple to try those cakes so they will meet the best choice that fulfill both couple preferences. The style and layer of the cake is also things that need to discuss with your partner. What is the theme of your wedding, if it’s elegant then you should request wedding cake with simple ornament and soft color. There also some creation of wedding cake that gives ribbon and flowers. So it’s up to you to decide which design that you like.

Manage the Budget for Beautiful Wedding Cakes

You and your partner must decide which style and taste of beautiful wedding cakes that suitable with you both, then you should talk about the price. Try to find the most suitable combination between beautiful wedding cakes and price. The price of cake should reasonable and affordable for your budget.

 Wonderfull Beautiful Wedding Cakes

Beautiful Wedding Cakes with Flower Touch

Beautiful Wedding Cakes

White Classic Beautiful Wedding Cakes

You should manage the budget so that you will not spend high budget only for cake. Obviously you need that budget for other essential thing for your wedding too. Making preparation to get beautiful wedding cakes is not difficult but it still needs your attention and time to make it work.

Wedding Cakes Stairs for Wedding Valentine Days

Have a great wedding cake stairs for your wedding ceremony is a prestige. Especially, if you hold wedding ceremony in special day, like Valentine Day, I think it’s mean a lot when you hold a special moment in a special date. Everyone always have their own way to celebrate the happiest day of their live.

The Design of Wedding Cake Stairs

One of the most important thing to choose right cake for your best wedding is considering how the design of the cake. There are a lot of wedding cake stairs designs. Design is really matter, its contain philosophy of your life. The cake design shows your character, so you have to decide it wisely, because when you are wrong to make your own choice it will ruin your wedding ceremony.

Talked about wedding cake stairs design of course we never forget about the wedding cake stairs accessories. Tiny couple statue, flowers, colorful tape will be a great additional for your cake. It does not need overwhelm, just to make your cake more beautiful. Nowadays, there are any luxurious accessories for cake. For high class people, they like to put some diamonds, gold, or sapphire rocks in their cake. It gives lux impression in that cake, so it also can be a symbol of their success.

Wonderfull Wedding Cakes Stairs

White Luxury Wedding Cakes Stairs

Nice Wedding Cakes Stairs

Wedding Cakes Stairs

An Extra Topping for Wedding Cakes Stairs

Beside accessories in your wedding cake, some cake companies give you more choice to make your dream wedding cake as your own by giving an extra topping for your cake. They give us to choose an extra topping for our cake. Wedding cakes stairs toppers consist from much stuff. Choco chips, cornflakes, or colorful little candy can make your wedding cake get more perfect. We can choose the topping as we want. So there are a lot of things to do to create your wedding cakes stairs.

Disney Princess Wedding Cake Toppers 2013

Fairytale wedding reception will not be complete without the existence of Disney Princess wedding cake toppers. As far as I know, this fairytale themed wedding cake is always wanted. If you are planning to have a princess themed wedding, then a princess castle wedding cake topper will fit right away. Cake topper will be more accentuate with a help of a light up to make it stand out.

Disney Princess Wedding Cake Toppers Glass Light Up

The first idea of completing Disney Princess wedding cake toppers is by a glass light up castle topper. Usually, castle wedding cake is commonly a main decoration of wedding cake. It has some towers of castle which makes it more elegant. To accentuate it, we need to add a focal point such as gold or silver topper of towers. The base of castle needs to be lighten up so that it looks shiny and glamour. Lace and flowers are accompanying more accents toward the cake.

Disney Princess Wedding Cake Toppers Cinderella Glitter

The next idea toward Disney Princess wedding cake toppers is by Cinderella wedding cake toppers. Many sizes options if we are going to order. A light actually can be placed in the center of the castle to light up. Cinderella cake has uniqueness such as the characteristics of feathers and white bow. Many varieties of colors can be ordered including hot pink, gold, lavender, light blue, glitter, burgundy, red, and silver.

Disney Princess Wedding Cake Toppers

Beautiful Disney Princess Wedding Cake Toppers

Beauty Disney Princess Wedding Cake Toppers

Disney Princess Wedding Cake Toppers Design

To make your wedding cake toppers more glamorous, the glitter castle cake may be added as a touch. The glitter covered of the castle covers almost the side of the cake. It has a hole in the center of the castle where the lights stand. Because the characteristic of Cinderella cake is the existence of horse drawn carriage that may be put some glitters on the way to go to the main castle cake. Another option of Disney Princess wedding cake toppers is by the idea of Barbie wedding cake toppers.

Cupcake Towers Decorations

On birthday, wedding, anniversary or any celebration events I often find cupcake towers in any decorations. Surely those decorations will make the cupcakes look so great, unique, and interesting. Usually, they are made of cupcakes that are arranged level by level just like a tree. Of course, this job needs accuracy, creativity, and carefulness. Thus, not only the decoration of the tower that become a consideration but also the taste of the cupcakes.

Decorations of Cupcake Towers

The most interesting thing of cupcakes that makes people desire to eat is the decoration of tower and the cupcakes. Some decorations can be simple or complex. More complex decoration of cupcake towers, the price of the cupcake will be more expensive. But it is in balance with the satisfaction you get if you can get pretty and amazing cupcakes decoration.

Decorating cupcakes is fun because it is just like drawing on the paper. You can decorate cupcakes by drawing cartoon, flowers, animal, stars, or abstract thing in various colors. Most of people prefer buying cupcake in cupcake stores than to making the cupcake by themselves.  Beside you can get cupcake towers in various styles such as, spiral, round 5 tiered, flower forms.

Heart Cupcake Towers

Beautiful Cupcake Towers

Cupcake Towers

Cupcake Towers Design

How to Make Simple Cupcake Towers

It will be difficult for people to arrange the cupcakes to be seems like a tree or tower. Of course, you need to make tower for placing cupcakes firstly, and adjust it like a tree. Generally, the first step is by preparing the base or layered made of cardboard and Styrofoam. Second, you can make pillar from cans that have been wrapped with papers. Third, you need to adjust the pillar and the base by combining them using glue. You need to adjust them level by level. Forth, you can add the ribbons to polish the tower.  The last step is completing the tower by placing the cupcakes on the cupcake towers.

Festive Birthday Cake Varieties

Every year, your age is turning over a certain old; planning to celebrate it, do not miss your special festive birthday cake. We all know that celebrating our birthday is such an unforgettable moment for us to dream for. A beautiful birthday party would be very special occasion if we present such a beautiful cake too. Many special birthday cakes are offered by some bakery shops.

Festive Birthday Cake Carved Cake

Do you want your festive birthday cake goes into a classic style? If yes, your choice will be fit with carved cake. This cake is usually formed in several layers. If you invite many guests to come, order 3 or more layers. The uniqueness of this cake has been shown to the use of some artistic carving on the side. It is formed usually with cream or frosted printed pattern which is made of a certain sugar mixed with butter. You may order some different colors on the carved patterns. The patterns can be love signs, flowers, leaves, or things that you like.

Festive Birthday Cake Photo and Carved Cakes

The next choice of festive birthday cake that you probably most like is photo cake. Can a photo be added on your cake? Is it edible? Those are common questions that always appear when we are going to opt for. This photo cake is an edible cake. On the surface of it, there is a layer or covering, made from printed frosted sugar mixed with butter. After that, we print some colors on it with food coloring materials which consider safe or edible.

Red Festive Birthday Cake

Festive Birthday Cake Design

Festive Birthday Cake

Green Festive Birthday Cake

This kind of birthday cake will satisfy you. It is cup birthday cake. Many cups of these cakes are arranged in a cake tier or we call it as cake stand. Make them layered for about 3 or more layers. Practically, you are easy to serve it. You may order variations of each layer so that you make fun birthday cake out.  If you want to practice these festive birthday cakes, go on to festive birthday cake recipes which are available on the internet or magazine.

Birthday Cake for Teenagers in Unique Design

Choosing the best birthday cake for teenagers is not an easy thing. There are several things which can be the consideration. The first one is about the design, taste, and also price. It is caused by teenage is a time when they spend most of their time to study and have fun. Being creative is also a particular thing from teenagers. When one of them is having birthday, the friends will try to give a gift of even a birthday cake. The existence of a birthday cake is a very important thing because it is a symbol of your relation and friendship.

Ideas in Choosing Birthday Cake for Teenagers

However, there are many teenagers feel confused in choosing the best Birthday Cake for Teenagers. Nowadays, you do not need to be afraid anymore of having no ideas in choosing your birthday cake because here we are going to share the birthday cake ideas for teenagers. You can give a birthday cake with the design of the favorite thing of your friend who has their birthday. Just take an example, if your friend has One Direction as his/her favorite, you can buy his/her a cake with the One Direction design. About the price, you do not need to be afraid.

Delicious Taste from Birthday Cake for Teenagers

It is caused by this birthday cake is offered in an affordable price. That is only £65.00. It is an affordable price because this birthday cake for teenagers is made well and it also has a delicious taste. One more thing which can be gotten from this cake is about its creative design.

Pink Heart Birthday Cakes for Teenagers

Chocolate Birthday Cakes for Teenagers

Bedroom Style Birthday Cakes for Teenagers

Birthday Cakes for Teenagers

Actually, there are still many birthday cake designs for teenagers. One of them is the Tiered wonder woman birthday cake. This is a very creative cake. This cake design is available in affordable price. You had better have a creative design in your birthday cake for teenagers.

Chocolate Cake Lava for Dessert

Have ever taste the chocolate cake lava? You have to taste it because this kind of dessert will truly melt in your tongue. The cake is perfectly cooked as the dessert. This delicious chocolate lava cake form is a small size with liquid chocolate filling that will flooding the plate as you split it into two parts. It is better to eat with vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Then you can also ask for a fresh fruits in it.

Then you can make the chocolate cake lava by yourself in your home, because it is really easy to make and really delicious to not tasted in your whole life. The ingredients that you need are ¼ kg flours, 4 tablespoons butter, four eggs, emulsion, 200 grams chocolate powder, 200 grams chocolate bars, and ¼ kg sugar. Do not forget to prepare the mold to shape your lava cake like a chocolate cupcake as well.

How to Make Chocolate Cake Lava?

To make your homemade chocolate cake lava, firstly, ¼ kg sugar, mix the ¼ kg flours, 4 tablespoons butter, four eggs, emulsion until the dough is smooth enough. Stir the dough perfectly and pour the chocolate powder slowly and stir the dough again until you can obtain the perfect dough. Then you can disburse the chocolate bar by place the chocolate in the bowl and put the bowl in boiling water on the stove. After the chocolate is become a slushy, fill it to the dough which you place in the mold and put them in the oven.

Mini Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake Design

Chocolate Cake

Delicious Chocolate Cake

Serve Your Chocolate Cake Lava

After your lava cake cooked enough, you can put it out from the oven and try to smoothly out the cake out from the mold and place it in the plate. Put a scope of vanilla or chocolate ice cream in it and give a chocolate sprinkles in the plate and decorate it with the strawberry complete with its leaves and your chocolate cake lave is ready to serve for your dinner dessert.

Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake: Make the Birthday Memorable

Happy birthday chocolate cake is suitable to serve on the birthday occasion. The chocolate cake is never failed to make the event more surprising. If you want to decor the cake by yourself, take a look at the web and you will find happy birthday chocolate cake images that look yummy. If you want to make the chocolate cake by yourself, display the happy birthday chocolate cake wallpapers to make your cooking spirit stable.

Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake: Black Forest Cake

Black forest cake is well choice as the happy birthday chocolate cake. The black forest is quite popular cake in America, German, British, and other countries. Each country has the different recipe for black forest cake. But, the basic recipe is the layered chocolate cake with whipped cream and cherry in each layer. The cherry in each layer can be substituted with the cherry jam. The cake is frosted with the whipped cream and chocolate shaving and cherry.

Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake: Add the Taste for Chocolate Cake

The happy birthday chocolate cake with the other additional ingredients will make the taste different and novel. The caramel chocolate that inset in the layer of the layered chocolate cake will make the taste sweet and delight. Lime that pour on the main dough will make the cake little bit sour but sweet. With the strong taste of the chocolate, fruit makes a great combination taste for the cake. The pumpkin or the mango or banana fit with the chocolate.

Mini Happy Birthday Chocolate CakeMini Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake

Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake Ideas

Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake with Colourfull Toping

Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake

To get the more delicious chocolate cake, pour the real chocolate, even it is white chocolate or dark chocolate, instead of cocoa powder. The cocoa is not bad, but the taste is less strong than the real chocolate. The real chocolate on the cake will make the happy birthday chocolate cake more delightful.

Birthday Cake On Valentine’s Day: Not Always a Pink Hearted Cake

A birthday cake on valentine’s day is usually served as a pink cake with hearts. This standard cake is usually decorated with pink butter cream and adorned with red candies or heart-shape sweets. While having such a common design can be comforting, many celebrants prefer to have a more unique cake on their birthday. By finding unique cake ideas or sample cake pictures you can turn a boring valentine’s day birthday cake into some special and memorable.

Unique Birthday Cake on Valentine Day

Birthday Cake on Valentine Day: Homemade Heart Cake

A standard heart cake is the mainstay of birthday cakes on valentine’s day. Unfortunately, since the cake is so common, few people are surprised by a plain heart cake. One way to make a valentine’s day birthday cake more interesting is to make a homemade cake. Cover the cake with the pink white butter cream. Put the marbles, candies, or marzipan. To get the perfect heart shape for the cake is easy. Cook the dough and separate it in two baking pans. The one is the round baking pan. The other is the rectangle baking pan. Make sure that the sizes for the baking pans are same. Cut the round cake into two half, and put the two sides on the corner of the rectangle cake. Pour out the frosting in white cream or pink cream. You can make the cake into two tiers. Cut the cake into half, and put the cream inside. Combine both of the slides cake again.

Birthday Cake on Valentine Day Ideas

Birthday Cake on Valentine Day: Cake for Kids

Chocolate is always popular. Most of people love chocolate, moreover the children. Prepare the birthday cake on valentine day for kids with chocolate cake. For kids, order the castle cake or the other wonderful decorations. Kids always love the interesting and colorful cake.

Birthday Cake on Valentine Day

Heart Birthday Cake on Valentine Day

Choose the sponge cake as the base for the cake. The vegan that used vegan ingredients for the cake is not bad idea. Make the cake by yourself or order to the trusted bakery. Make sure that the birthday cake on valentine day is special.

Thanksgiving Cake Ideas: Getting Warmer with the Cake

Thanksgiving cake ideas are reflect the warmth and the blessing. The meal that uses to prepare for thanksgiving is the large roast turkey. But, the cake is also served. The warm pie with the holiday adornments that look delicious will boost your appetite. Arrangement of the small cupcakes and adorn with the whipped cream is suitable to serve for Thanksgiving cake ideas for kids. There are many bakery shops that offer the cake for thanksgiving. For example, look at the Thanksgiving cake ideas from Wilton. The Wilton is one of the bakeries that sell the tasty cake or tarts with stunning decorations.

Thanksgiving Cake Ideas: Follow the Recipes

Get the Thanksgiving cake ideas from the internet. Click on the search engine and look for some roll cakes or apple pie ideas that you can use to follow. You can get the hereditary recipes from your grandmother or mother. They surely have the recipes that to descend generations to generations. The pumpkin pie is perfect to serve for Thanksgiving. Featured with the warm decorations and the fruit, the pie will arouse the desire for food. There are so many easy steps that easy to follow. The maple pumpkin cream cake or the berry pie is not hard enough to make.

Thanksgiving Cake Ideas: Pick from Bakery

If you are busy enough and have no time to make the own cake for thanksgiving, just go to the nearest bakery shop. Browse the Thanksgiving cake ideas and pick the best for you. The best cake is the cake which reflects the warm of the occasion and symbolizes the Thanksgiving Day well.

Thanksgiving Cake Ideas

Chocolate ThanksgiviChocolate Thanksgiving Cake Ideas

Mini Thanksgiving Cake Ideas

Thanksgiving Cake Ideas Design

Get the thanksgiving cake with round shape. Vanilla cake layered with butter cream and decorate with the frosted vanilla is good. The colorful color of the cake will adorn the table. A cashew cream pie with chocolate in the bottom is well choice as the Thanksgiving cake ideas.